Pot Roast Redux: Kicked Up Another Notch

At our house, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pot roast!

And when I say “we”, I mean Big Daddy and the Diva. I am not a pot roast person, but I eat it when I make it because we eat “what’s put on the table” (it’s a rule), and I make it because they like it.

However, we were eating at McAlister’s, which “they” also love (I’m seeing a trend here…), and I noticed they had a Pot Roast Baked Potato. Now, for those of you who have never been to McAlister’s or don’t have one (ahem, CA), they take two, huge baked potatoes, cut the ends off, shove them together and fill them full of stuff.

Like this:

pot roast

Well, kind of. This one’s been et (translation for non-Southerners: eaten).

Anyhow, they fill them full of cheese, grilled chicken, chili, bacon, and tons of veggies.  Oh, and pot roast.

Not all at the same time, for goodness’ sake! Order what you want! These are just choices…

Since I live here in the boonies, McAlister’s is quite a drive. However, I said to myself, “Self! You can make this from your own pot roast! And you already know how to bake potatoes (I was feeling very smart about this time.).” What can I say? I needed some comfort food after my harrowing experience with the local law enforcement.

So, I went for it.

First, I made the pot roast, omitting the potatoes and carrots in the recipe (although I could have left the carrots, but I don’t like them, and I figured this was my chance to leave them out…what about my needs?).

Then, I baked the potatoes (400 degrees for an hour or until my Diva/Pele got home from soccer). I didn’t bother with aluminum foil or anything. That’s just too much work!

Then, I took two of those potatoes, cut the ends off, squished them together, and loaded them up with pot roast and gravy.  I put a little cheese on mine, because I figure what’s better than meat-and-potatoes except meat-and-potatoes-with-cheese, right?

Here’s the finished product. When you look up “comfort food” on dictionary.com, you’ll see this picture.

pot roast 2

I’d teach you how to make biscuits, but it’d just make you mad. I don’t measure anything, ever, when making biscuits.

AinW out.