The Diva Blogs!

The Diva has decided to try her hand at this blogging thing. Should I be proud or intimidated?

Hi guys! It’s the Diva here!:)

Let  me explain:  I wanted to blog, just once. If y’all like it, I will do another one.

Who wants to know some fun facts about me?


1.       I love my mom. Duh.

2.       I love the color pink.

3.       I love chocolate meringue pie. I call it chocolate shampoo pie because the meringue looks like sudsy shampoo.

4.       I absolutely hate math. My mom makes me do it anyway.

5.       I love babies and baby animals!!!:)

6.       Cheer rocks!  As for  the people who don’t think cheer is a sport, it’s harder than basketball. Trust me!

7.        I love to draw.

8.       My family’s crazy, but I love ‘em.

9.       The Bubbe drives  me crazy sometimes.

10.   I’m a make-up fanatic!! Ask mommy.

That’s all for now.

The cutest wittle girl in the world (and don’t call me wittle!!!),

Sugar Bear
Baby Girl
Boo Boo
Precious One
The Diva