AinW’s Newest Feature: Humor Me, Lord

What in the world is that crazy girl going to do now?

I’ve blogged about my family, our food, pictures I’ve taken, things I love, and losing weight. I’ll continue to do so, but now, I’ve got something else in here, and I’m about to let it out.



Awhile back, my family and I were having Family Worship when it hit me: God is funny. Oh, I’ve known it all along; I guess I just never really realized how funny He is. At the time, we were studying the creation story, which is chock-full of comedy.

No, really. Read it for yourself and see.

And let me answer the question that my most conservative readers are asking right now while wearing a look of horror on their faces: no, I’ve not fallen into a Lorne-Michaels-run cult. There’s not even any red Kool-Aid in my house.

Here’s the thing: we’re all made in God’s image (Gen. 1:27), right? That means that Mr. Michaels is.

And so am I.

By that logic, then the Saturday-Night-Live perspective both Mr. Michaels and I have on life is a part of the image of God. Therefore, God sees the ‘funny’ like I do. No, wait. I see the ‘funny’ like God does. Yeah, that’s it.

Mr. Michaels has used his gift of finding the funny to produce a long-running television program which contains hilarity like this:

Settle down. It’s not a political statement. It’s just funny.

Thus far, I’ve chosen to use mine to entertain you with stories like Giving Back: A Tale of Community Service.  Priceless.

However, starting this week, I’m going to use it in a different way.

The Plan

Combining my God-given talent for seeing life through the SNL lens and study of His comedic screenplay (the Bible), I’ve created a Bible study series entitled, Humor Me, Lord.  What it’s not: a mamby-pamby, get a laugh, feel good about life, Chicken Soup for the Soul devotional book of funny stories with a little Bible verse at the top.  Those are great when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up but are not to be confused with time spent in God’s word.

What it is: a no-lie, in-depth, moving-from-milk-to-meat look at the humor of God through a deep study of His word, the only black-and-white message we have from Him these days. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll see God in a way that, maybe, you’ve never seen Him before, a way no Sunday-morning-in-your-best-dress church service has shown you, perhaps.

God is funny. I want to show you how funny. When you learn, you’ll see just a portion of the joy He’s promised us in this life. Sure beats focusing on life’s fallen parts. Sorry, I got my bible study confused with my weight loss efforts there for a minute.


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