Update: Ripped in 30

As we round out the inaugural 30-Day Exercise Challenge, I bring you this from The Keep-Calm-O-Matic (yes, that’s a real thing…apparently):


And now, in the interest of moving forward and forgetting that I haven’t yet Shredded today, I bring you glad tidings of great joy:


We are less than one week away from starting the NEW AND IMPROVED 30-Day Exercise Challenge!



This time, it’s about redemption.

And sweat. Probably mostly sweat.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information:

1. During the last Challenge, some Challengers relied on YouTube, which petered out on them in the middle of the last level. Talk about panic! They were left watching a bootlegged version of Jillian in Mandarin Chinese and trying to keep up. If you don’t speak fluent Mandarin, give serious thought to ordering the DVD.

2. Here are FREE printables: a calendar that you can color/mark/X off/cut the heart out of as you go, and a weight and measurement chart. You’ll notice I’m moving my rest-day from Saturday to Thursday. I have found that, if I give myself two, consecutive days off, I’m more likely to not go back at all (read: I get stuck in the couch watching Rocky…again.). One day off at a time for me. Period.

Ripped in 30 Calendar

Let’s DO this!