Twenty Questions

Yesterday, the Diva and I traveled back from Memphis, where we had gone to attend the wedding of a beautiful, gracious, intelligent, lovely, and hilarious friend. Holla, Susan! As we headed back East, toward our snowy Mecca, the Diva suggested a game.  We had played that game for awhile (until we got to the Taco Bell in Jackson), when the Diva suggested we play Twenty Questions.  You know, the game where one player thinks of something, and the other/s ask […]

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The Diva Blogs!

The Diva has decided to try her hand at this blogging thing. Should I be proud or intimidated? Hi guys! It’s the Diva here!:) Let  me explain:  I wanted to blog, just once. If y’all like it, I will do another one. Who wants to know some fun facts about me? FACTS 1.       I love my mom. Duh. 2.       I love the color pink. 3.       I love chocolate meringue pie. I call it chocolate shampoo pie because the meringue looks […]

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