30-Day EC: Spotlight on Estefanie

  We are now 20 days into The 30-Day Exercise Challenge…Level 3, here we come! A few days ago, I brought you a Day 15 update from our forerunner, Toni. Today, I give you Estefanie. Y’all wait until you see her pictures from just FIFTEEN days with Jillian! Unbelievable!  If you’re not a part of this group, now is the time. The new challenge begins on September 15…plenty of time to get prayed up before Jillian takes ahold of you. Bless her […]

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The 30-Day Shred: The Results Post

Note: This post is long, and I’m sorry about that.  Hang in there. You’ll be at the end before you know it. Thirty days ago, Jillian Michaels and I entered into a relationship, the outcome of which I could not know. While she promised me weight loss and a healthier me, I was just sure she meant pain leading to death. Yesterday marked day 30 of The 30-Day Shred for me. Today, I outline the results for you. The Background […]

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